Saturday, August 16, 2014

100% Reach - Send your letter on snail mail AND e-mail!

Here’s a bit of news we’ve discovered: the average e-mail open rate for e-mail communication is 32%*. That’s a little distressing. Whether your supporter is too busy to read his or her e-mails regularly, or your e-mail is lost in the deluge of e-mail that he or she gets, that statistic means that if you are sending your newsletter through e-mail only, 68% of your supporters aren’t reading the e-mails you send.
Can you imagine having to read through 185 emails?!
In this age of new technology, using it to your
advantage is tricky business.

Imagine reaching 100% of your supporters – the best way to start is by sending through regular mail and e-mail together!

We want to make sure we can help get your ministry news in your supporters’ hands. Chalk Line can help you send an e-mail copy of your printed letter just by choosing an option on the order form. 
Check "Yes" on the order form, and we'll turn your printed letter into an e-mail!

The option to send your letter via email is on the order form, so it's easy to send both!

How the process works: When you choose to send your e-mail and letter together via Chalk Line, our service will use a PDF of your letter to create an image that will be embedded in an e-mail. When we embed the image in the e-mail, it comes through as a part of the e-mail, not as an attachment.

Our e-mail service sends out individual e-mails to each recipient – we’re not “BCC”ing all your recipients, and we’ll use YOUR e-mail address, so that any replies will come straight to you.

All you need to do is send your e-mail list along with your regular mailing list. You can upload as a separate mailing list in our order form, or you can include the e-mail addresses in your regular printed mailing list. We’ll do the heavy lifting and send the e-mails at the same time we send your regular letters.

We want you to reach all your supporters, whether it's via e-mail or through snail mail – 100% reached is our goal.

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